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4 Gorgeous Potted Plants to Give As A Bomboniere

Image by Shona Henderson Photography

Giving a plant as a bomboniere is a wonderful eco-friendly and inexpensive idea. A potted plant is not just something your guests will eat or throw away; it is a gift which they can plant in their garden, cherish and grow. This gift is very decorative and will look great on the table. To save money on decorations, you can even arrange your wedding favours to make an impressive centre-piece and then your guests can pick them up when the reception is over. 

There are many great DIY ideas on how to wrap and label your plants. You can place them in small terracotta pots, metal tins or even plastic cups which you can then decorate in various ways. Putting your plants in small glass jars is another fantastic idea and you can embellish it with a pretty ribbon with a tag attached to it. If you are wondering which plants to choose as your wedding favours, read which ones we recommend: 

Image via

Succulents are very popular at weddings and you can see them everywhere from centre-pieces to bombonieres. The best thing about them is that they are very durable and easy to maintain, since they don’t need too much water. Succulents are grown as decorative plants because they are pretty and come in many different interesting shapes. 

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Giving away potted herbs is even more practical. Your guests will love this organic gift and it will also add a bit of flavour to your tablescape. You can choose aromatic culinary plants like rosemary, thyme, basil and oregano which are very useful in the kitchen for preparing delicious meals. This is a very affordable and yet clever gift which you can even pluck from your own garden. 

Miniature pots from

Ferns are great for centre-pieces and they are also a fair addition to wedding bouquets. They look very delicate and pretty which is why they make a fabulous gift. Use imagination to create a pretty packaging for them. You can make small jute or linen bags and finish off the look with a beautiful bright-coloured band. 

Finally, bonsai tree is one of the most beautiful green gifts you can find. You can pack them in a bright-coloured silk to match your colour scheme and tie with decorative ribbon. Alternatively, you can place it in a pretty ceramic pot and label with a cute paper tag.

Delicious Wedding Cake Alternatives

Image by Beata English Photography 

From serving donuts on a cake stand to a refreshing ice cream cake, your guests will love to taste something a little different from a traditional wedding cake. Think outside the box and get inspired with these 12 delicious wedding cake alternatives: 

1. A waffle cake with berries and cream is the perfect wedding cake for a spring time wedding and it is best to serve it at brunch time accompanied with maple syrup and ice cream!

2. Your guests will simply adore your layered pancake cake alternative! Who doesn’t like pancakes? You can fill it with anything from chocolate or maple syrup to fresh berries and decorate it with a pretty cake topper. 

3. A layered meringue cake is a great DIY idea. You can make this French rustic cake yourself easily as all you need is egg whites, cream, sugar and berries for decoration. 

4. If you want to surprise your guests with something luxurious and truly unique, why not make a cake from delicious cheeses! You can decorate this spectacular cheese cake with flowers and fresh fruit and serve it with wine. 

5. A yummy donut cake is a wonderful, relaxed alternative to a classic multi-tiered wedding cake. Everybody loves donuts and you can serve many different flavours and colours on pretty cake stand. 

6. If you want to make a biscuity Hansel and Gretel style wedding cake, you won’t make a mistake with a gingerbread cake which looks beautiful and tastes divine! 

7. Cake pops are very colourful and decorative, but also easy to make. Who needs a real cake if you have these gorgeous cake balls dipped in chocolate? 

8. Serving a cannoli cake on a huge cupcake stand instead of an ordinary wedding cake is a brilliant idea for fans of this delicious Italian dessert. 

9. Since colourful French macaroons are very fashionable and elegant, macaroon tower is one of the most popular wedding cake alternatives. 

10. If you want to serve a refreshing dessert for the summer, you can opt for an ice cream wedding cake or even make a whole ice cream bar self-service for your guests. 

11. Lattice pie cake can be a cheaper but delightful alternative to a traditional cake. It is just perfect for rustic themed weddings. Buy or make different sizes and stack them on top of each other to create a tiered cake! 

12. A naked cake is a chic choice if you want to stick to the classical cake but serve it bare with tasty filling and pretty decorations.

8 Fabulous Shoes For Your Wedding

Image by Esh Photography

Once you have chosen your wedding dress it is time to decide how to accessorise it with beautiful shoes. What you wear on your big day really matters and it is not an easy choice to make since there are so many options from comfy ballet flats to elegant sky high stilettos. If you are not used to wearing very high heels, your wedding day is not the best opportunity to experiment. 

Image by Love + Light Photography

A pair of pretty ballet flats is the most practical option, and even if you want to arrive to the ceremony in heels, you can jump into a pair of flats later. Imagine how easy it will be to dance in comfy shoes! Ballet flats will look beautiful with short princess-like wedding dress with a more full skirt, but you can also match them with a floor length gown. 

Image by Panache Photography

If you prefer classical pumps you can choose between different heel sizes to find that perfect pair you will be able to wear all day. You can either go for gorgeous satin shoes embellished with ribbons, glittery stones or floral decorations, or buy an inexpensive pair of plain white pumps which will match a simple but elegant wedding dress. 

Image by Studio Galea

Coloured shoes can be a fun element of your wedding outfit. Depending on your choice of dress you can go for heels with a funky bright-coloured floral pattern or just a soft pink romantic strap heels. You can also add “something blue” to your outfit and choose navy or pastel shade. 

Shoes by Mary-Kyri

If you prefer something a bit more modern, open toe booties are great for summer. Mary-Kyri's lace booties are very chic and you can match them with a short or midi dress. 

Image by Denise Teo Photography

Investing in a pair of glamorous designer shoes is a great idea, especially if you choose a pair that you can wear after the wedding. Who wouldn’t want to have Manolo Blahnik’s blue satin pumps, bejewelled Jimmy Choo stilettos or gorgeous Christian Louboutin nude shoes? 

Image by Nora Devai

If you've opted for a truly breathtaking and flamboyant wedding dress you should definitely go for super glamorous stilettos. Every bride-to-be wants to look a million dollars on her big day and it is easy when you pick the right shoes. 

Image by Beata English Photography 

For brides-to-be who have chosen a more vintage inspired romantic wedding dress, pretty ankle strap heels are just perfect. Straps are very feminine and you can choose between many different models from sexy sandals to elegant platforms. 

Image by Beata English Photography

To include something modern and quirky in your wedding look you can go for colour blocking design, funky prints or heavy embellishments. Even if you are wearing a traditional gown, interesting shoes can add a contemporary touch to your styling.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

8 Fabulous Wedding Fabrics

Imagine yourself walking down the aisle in a gorgeous super glamorous wedding gown made from glittery satin, delicate organza, fluttery chiffon or romantic tulle. Choosing the right fabric for your wedding dress is crucial to create the perfect shape. Remember that you don’t just need a pretty dress but also a comfortable one which will flatter your figure and fit you perfectly! 

As one of the shiniest and most luxurious looking fabrics, satin is a very popular wedding gown material. It has a beautiful natural sheen and is perfect for classical wedding dresses because you can create various shapes and structures with it. Best suited for the colder months as it is quite a heavy fabric and it is ideal for very formal indoor wedding. 

Taffeta is similar to satin but it is not as shiny. It is great for floor-length ball gowns and full skirts and you can create wonderful and rich texture with it. 

The most flamboyant wedding gowns are created from several different fabrics and you can use some of the materials for subtle decoration. You can make adorable ribbons from organza, but since it is stiff and holds shape you can also use it for interesting overlays and skirts. 

Soft and lightweight chiffon is ideal for hot summer days. You can either make an entire dress from it or just use it for layering to create that charming princess-like skirt.

Charmeuse is glittery like silk but it is much lighter than satin. This fabric is perfect for body-hugging dresses with delicate embellishments. 

Goeorgette is mate, light-weight and floaty, just like chiffon, so you can use it for fine draping. It is great for hot weather and beach weddings. 

If you are fantasising about a truly romantic traditional wedding gown with a big skirt, you should use tulle to create the wonderful layers. This fabric is also commonly used for veils because it is transparent. 

Finally, lace is elegant, luxurious and glamorous and you can make overlays and fine embellishments with it. It is the best material for stunning vintage wedding gowns, and you can also use it to decorate your veil. You can choose between many different kinds of lace such as Chantilly which is very delicate and lightweight and features beautiful scalloped edges, or flapper style beaded lace which is especially popular this year.

5 DIY Ideas For Your Wedding

From decorating your own wedding cake to designing stationery, DIY weddings are fun and cost-effective. If you have an artistic side and want to add a personal touch to your wedding, get inspired with our 5 DIY ideas and start making and baking! 

Image by Bella Amante

1. Make Your Own Bonboniere 
Your guests will appreciate a tasty, edible favour in some simple packaging. You can treat them with some delicious homemade biscuits or jam placed in a small glass jar with a pretty handmade label on it. Herbed olive oil is another brilliant idea because everyone will find it useful. Cake pops wrapped in cellophane and tied with a satin ribbon will look very decorative on the table or you can also bake mini cupcakes and put them small bell jars. 

Image by TWK Studio

2. Craft Some Colourful Bunting 
Bunting looks very cheerful and festive and you can easily make this gorgeous decoration yourself. All you need is some string and a bunch of bright coloured pieces of paper or fabric. Simply cut the folded material in triangle shape by using a cardboard stencil to make sure that all pieces are exactly the same size. This is a perfect idea for vintage themed weddings. 

Image by Mint Photography and flowers by Affair With George 

3. Be Creative With The Centrepiece 
To make an impressive centrepiece you can collect vintage milk bottles and place single blooms in each of them. You can also paint the inside of glass jars to match your colour scheme and use them as tealight holders or vases. You can use vintage crystal wine glasses as candle holders or a single crystal rose bowl as the centre piece. If you are having a vintage themed wedding you can also use old books and decorate them with velvet ribbons and flowers. 

4. Design The Stationery 
Since making wedding invitations may be a challenging task for some, you can just add a personal touch by decorating them with lace, ribbon or collage details. You can even make your own rubber stamp which you will use on all stationery products from invitations to thank you cards. 

5. Bake A Wedding Cake 
Even though a homemade cake may not look as luxurious as the one you can buy at the bakery, it will definitely taste good and there are many simple but effective tricks that you can use for decorating it. You can use fondant, candies, flowers, berries and, of course, DIY cake toppers made from thin wooden sticks and coloured paper to create bunting or even top the cake with fresh flowers.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

4 Animals to Include in Your Wedding

Including animals in your wedding can make the ceremony just that little bit more fun. Just think of those romantic moments of releasing butterflies and doves, or arriving at the ceremony in a carriage with a horse like a fairytale princess! Imagine these magic moments captured in photographs… Animals can make your big day truly memorable!

Image by O Photography

Involve your Dog in the Celebration
Remember that you want all of your nearest and dearest to attend your wedding so don’t forget to include your dog and choose a wedding venue that allows pets. You can appoint your dog to carry wedding rings or flowers if you think they can perform the task and it is a good idea to make a rehearsal at the venue one day prior to the ceremony. Alternatively, you can simply include your dog as an honoured guest. You can dress them up in a tuxedo or tulle dresses or for something a little more comfortable try a flower wreath or a satin ribbon around their neck.

In a Carriage with Prince Charming
Including a horse in your wedding is incredibly romantic and elegant. It is every girl’s dream to have a fairytale wedding so why not arrive to the ceremony in a beautiful old-fashioned carriage like Cinderella! However, if you decide for a carriage with a horse to be your wedding transportation, have in mind that horses can only ride up to 11 kms so if the distances between your home and the ceremony location are longer you should consider a meeting point and go from there.

Image by Esh Photography

The Symbol of Peace, Love & Joy
If you want to include doves in your wedding you can release them at the ceremony, keep them in a beautiful cage before releasing them or even have fantail doves who can be wandering around. Doves suitable for releasing are a beautiful addition to your wedding ceremony and they are in fact white homing pigeons which are trained to go back once they are released.

The Butterfly Effect 
Releasing butterflies at your wedding ceremony is an ideal photographic opportunity and if you are wondering which variety to choose, Monarch are the most common type for weddings because they looks gorgeous in photographs with their bright orange and black marks. You can either release them from a big cage or distribute special boxes to the guests who will let them go at the same time.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Create a Romantic Atmosphere with Candle Light

There is nothing more romantic than candle light, which is why they are ideal for wedding receptions. Decorating your venue with candles and tealights is a cheap but sophisticated way to add a sophisticated glow and create a very pleasant atmosphere. They will look nice both indoors and outdoors and you can hang them, arrange them at the centre of the table along with flowers and other décor, or simply scatter them around and fill the whole space with flickering light. 

We love these great products below from that will help you create a romantic atmosphere at your wedding reception…

Round Pillar Candles will make a fabulous centre-piece that can fit into any wedding theme or colour scheme. They come in four different sizes and you can buy them individually to create arrangement of your choice. They look beautiful in clusters on a metal tray, but you can also place them in individual candle holders and disperse around the table. 

Tea lights can also create romantic atmosphere and depending on what kind of holders you choose for them, you can literally change an entire room or a garden with this tiny detail. Crystal Tealight Holders will look absolutely stunning on a dining table because they reflect light. This is a very glamorous touch and you can even enhance the shining effect by scattering Table Glam Crystals around them. 

To add a bit of sparkly light to your wedding venue you can also choose Blown Glass Miniature Tealight Luminaries. Due to its reversible design you can use this tea light holder in two different ways to create a fun and stylish effect. 

With Miniature Glass Tealight Holder with Wire Hanger you can add even more ambiance. This cute petit holder looks antique and you can either hang it or place it on the table. Its soft pink colour will blend in nicely and fit into any colour scheme. 

If you are looking for a fashionable and decorative tea light holder, you will love our Glass Globe Holder with Reflective Lace Pattern. It looks beautiful and gives just the right amount of glow. You can use it with a Flameless Battery Operated Tealight which flickers like a real candle and the flame lasts for 12 hours.

Bell Shaped Glass Thealight Holder will look great on any table and comes in three different colours. It provides soft, romantic light and you can also use it as a tiny vase.

Pink Wedding Bouquets

Image by TWK Studio 

Pink is one of the most popular colours for weddings because it celebrates love and femininity, but also associates with beautiful things in nature. The best way to add a splash of pink to your wedding day is to make a beautiful pink bouquet. You can use either soft, ballerina pink or a more strong, vibrant hues and combine them with whites, greens or fuchsia. You can even mix light pink with gold and orange shades to create more of a vintage look.

To make a beautiful classical wedding bouquet, you can use pale pink roses. Soft pinks will look great with white and peachy oranges. If you want to have a bouquet made from only one kind of flower, you should definitely pick roses because they symbolise love and romance, while also looking very elegant. Roses can be mixed with hydrangeas, tuberoses, tulips, ranunculus or amaranth and if you want to make them even more feminine and luxurious, you can match them with pink orchids. To decorate your rose bouquet you can wrap it with pink ribbon or have different shades of pink ribbon cascading down.

Since nature is a great inspiration for both wedding decorations and hair and make-up this year, a bouquet of roses in blush colours is a wonderful idea. Soft pinks and oranges will look great with nude a make-up look and flatter any bride-to-be's glowing complexion. Simply gather lush cabbage roses in a bouquet and they will match any wedding dress!

Pink dahlias will also make a breathtaking wedding bouquet because they have beautiful and complex texture, while lush peonies look very elegant and expensive. Sweet peas are very soft, delicate and romantic, so they are a great addition to bouquets made from flowers such as peonies, azaleas, clematis and roses. However, if you want to make a bouquet solely from sweet peas, you can pick different shades of pink and grade from darkest to palest hue.

Feathery astilbe is an interesting addition to bouquets of dahlias or helichyrsums, while you can spice up your garden roses with pink pepper berries, olive leaves and mint stems to make a beautiful bouquet inspired by wild nature and English gardens. Pink orchids or peonies are the perfect choice for an elegant and luxurious bridesmaid’s bouquet, while bright-coloured zinnias look very cheerful and casual.

10 Pre-wedding Fitness Ideas

A fitness program should be an important part of your wedding preparations because you want to feel and look your very best on your wedding day. Exercises will not only help you lose weight and tone your body, it will also help boost self-esteem. Regardless of which fitness plan you choose, it is best to start three to six months before the wedding and exercise three to four times per week. Diet may not be necessary, but it is crucial to eat healthy food, have regular meals and drink plenty of water. Here are our top 10 picks to get your body ready for your wedding day…
  1. Yoga will help you to get rid of pre-wedding stress and gather your inner power. It will significantly improve your posture, tone your muscles and strengthen your body uniformly.
  2. Pilates is another great way to improve your flexibility, circulation and strength. It also makes you aware of your body and teaches you how to co-ordinate it. 
  3. Swimming and water aerobics are very relaxing and you get to exercise without sweating. Exercise in the water contributes to a feeling of well-being and sculpts your body perfectly. 
  4. Long energetic walks in the park or by the water are invigorating and stimulating for both mind and body. You can bring a family pet with you to make your walks even more fun and energetic.
  5. Running is a great activity to start with if you prefer a more rigorous weight loss regime. It will also pump blood and make your skin glow. 
  6. You can combine bike riding with running to burn even more calories. Try riding to your local shopping centre or if you can ride to work!
  7. Spin classes are a fantastic replacement for bike riding and running since they can burn up to 900 calories! You will enjoy the great music and fun environment while keeping an eye on mileage, pulse and calories burned. 
  8. If you prefer classical exercise, circuit training which comprises of 6 to 10 strength exercises, is the best option because you will engage all of your muscles. 
  9. Crossfit is perfect for those who are looking for a challenging workout that is extremely effective. Combining elements of cardio, weight lifting, gymnastics and core training, Crossfit is definitely one of our favourites. 
  10. Boot camps are excellent for weight loss and can vary in style. You can expect to spend about an hour doing some cardio activity such as running, boxing, interval training, strength exercises and much more. It's a great way to exercise outdoors with your friends and family.

Friday, March 21, 2014

An All White Colour Palette

Cake by Faye Cahill

A dreamy wedding reception in white symbolises innocence and purity and can be very elegant and chic if you decorate the venue with beautiful details such as glowing porcelain vases filled with voluptuous white blooms, beautiful paper lanterns or even fluffy pom-poms made from tulle. White is a happy and serene colour and it can therefore contribute to a pleasant and tranquil atmosphere for your wedding reception. If you let your imagination go wild, the design can be very inventive rather than just traditional and clichéd. 

Image by Vibrant Photography

You can start with designing your centre-piece and it can be anything from beautiful flowers in white vases or ceramic love birds to simple and inexpensive DIY decorations such as white paper garlands or fairy lights. White can be very inspirational and you can make it super-glamorous with details like lace, pearls and feathers, or just very romantic and beautiful with flamboyant flower arrangements and satin bows.

Image by Mint Photography

You can also apply the wedding theme on food and serve only white delicacies. From savoury snacks to white wedding cake with a gorgeous white cake topper, you can have an entire white menu which includes ingredients like scallops, cauliflower, horseradish, celery and even pasta. White macarons can be a very stylish and yet delicious favour for your guests, while buttercream and powdered sugar will make a great topping for cakes and deserts. You can also serve white cocktails made from clear fruit brandies, white rum and white crème de cacao. 

Stationery by Willowlane Studios

White can be very modern and minimalistic, but it can also look vintage if you include quirky details such as bird cages, old-fashioned candle holders and all white chairs. When it comes to wedding invitations, white is always the most appropriate choice, but from antique to contemporary, there are many styles to choose from. Choosing a design for your favour boxes can be fun too. You can use satin ribbons, lace or tulle to make them very romantic, or simply put your cute white favours in see-through bags. 

Image by Vibrant Photography

Your bridesmaid can wear white too! Ever since Pippa Middleton made her grand entrance to the Royal Wedding, white bridesmaid dresses have become on-trend. Create a classic look for your wedding with an all-white bridal party. To break up the all-white colour palette, choose mismatched gowns for your bridesmaids in soft laces, floral embroidery and silver beading. Have the groomsmen and groom wear white shirts to tie in the with the all-white theme!

Image by Essence Weddings

Lastly, to complete your wedding outfit, you can make a selection of white flowers for your bouquet. A cluster of white peonies, dahlias  tulips, orchids, and delphiniums will look great and you can also decorate it with snowberry branches. Wrap it with a pretty satin or lace ribbon and you are ready to go! 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

7 Simple Centre-pieces

Image by The Evoke Company

From freshly picked flowers placed in clear bottles and tiny porcelain vases to vintage candle holders, we have made a selection of our favourite simple centre-pieces, perfect for low-key wedding receptions and small celebrations.

Rustic Wood and Glass Box With Hinged Lid is a beautiful centre-piece for both indoor and outdoor receptions. You can use it for simple and yet effective floral arrangements, or as a wishing well. It will also make a charming decor at your home after the wedding. 

White Porcelain Votive Holder with Embossed Lace Embellishment is an elegant way to create a romantic atmosphere at your wedding venue. Since lighting is a very important part of decor, with these charming votive holders you can enhance the mood with little effort.

Small Metal Birdcage with Suspended Tea light Holder makes a gorgeous vintage inspired centre-piece which can add an element of elegance to any tablescape. You can use it as a tea light holder, but you can also decorate it with flowers or garlands for even more glamour.

Stainless Lantern with Glass Panels will definitely create the mood for romance! It makes a perfect garden decoration, but it will also look beautiful indoors. The best way to use it is with flameless battery operated tea lights for a worry-free flame. 

You can make wonderful table decorations by using just a couple of glass jars or bottles. All you need to do is fill them with colourful blooms which you just plucked from the garden or bought at the florist shop, but you can even stuff them with beautiful dry flowers. Decorating Glass Bottle Set is easy to use and can be adapted to various decorating arrangements. They will look very elegant and decorative if you scatter them around the table or simply put them in the centre. 

To add a bit of antique glamour to your table decorations, you can use Shabby Chic Candle Holder Set which comes in three different sizes and works with battery operated tea lights which you can buy separately. They make a stylish centre-piece, especially if you combine them with clear glass vases with just a few flowers in them. 

Using miniature vases for table decorations is another simple trick that you can bring into play at small wedding receptions. Mini Faux Knit Porcelain Vases will go well with virtually any wedding theme, and you can also use them as cute little gifts for the guests.

Visit Weddingstar to find more gorgeous centre-pieces.

Our Top 10 Wedding Flowers

Choosing flowers for your wedding is an exhilarating experience of wandering through beautiful colours and fragrances gathered in stunning bouquets and floral arrangements. From romantic English roses and elegant tulips to bright coloured dahlias and funky celosias, we have created a list of 10 beautiful wedding flowers to help you decide which ones to use for your bouquet, centrepieces and boutonniere.

Image by Panache Photography
Lavish ranunculus with a rich, multi-petaled blossom are a wonderful alternative to roses and peonies. Symbolically, ranunculus say “I am dazzled by your charms” and are therefore ideal for weddings.

Image by Panache Photography
Bright-coloured, strong scented peonies look stunning both in wedding bouquets and as a part of table decorations because of their beautiful big blossom. According to Victorian language of flowers, peony symbolises shyness and modesty. 

Image by Panache Photography
David Austin Roses 
Available in many different colours, David Auston roses are the most romantic and traditional choice for a wedding. There are many different types and some of them are heavily scented with various fragrances such as fruit, myrrh and rose tea. 

Since it symbolises “consuming love” and “happy years,” the tulip is a perfect choice for wedding decorations. It comes in different colours and there are three main types: plain Dutch tulips, parrot tulips with ruffled petals in vibrant hues and French tulips with long stems and large blooms

Flowers by Affair With George
Lisianthus are another great alternative to roses with its lush blooms in pinks, reds, yellows, and purples. The resemblance to roses is incredible and yet this flower is much more resilient. Flower arrangements made from lisianthus can last up to few weeks.

Image by Mink Studio
With their large blooms and rich, beautiful texture, Dahlias will look very effective in wedding bouquets. Since these flowers are also very big and decorative, you can also use them to adorn your wedding venue.

With their big, vibrant petals and flexible stems, poppies are great for colourful table decorations but you can also use them to make a flamboyant wedding bouquet. Since they are very short lived, it is best to keep them in water. 

If you are looking for colourful spring flowers for your wedding, anemones are the best choice. They are among the most popular wedding flowers, but since they are fairly small, it is best to use them in smaller arrangements and bouquets. 

With rich texture and fun bright colours such as orange, red, yellow and fuchsia, as well as pretty ombre shades, Zinnias look very cheerful. They are best in Summer, Autumn and Spring, so they are perfect for weddings. 

Image by Beata English Photography
With its curvy, ruffled blossom, celosia is a funky flower that comes in a variety of colours and can be easily combined with traditional blooms. They look best when mixed with other flowers in bouquets or centerpieces. Their season is between May and November and they come in different vibrant hues such as hot pink, red, purple and bright orange.

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