Monday, April 14, 2014

7 Hair Styles For Your Wedding Day

When choosing a hairstyle for your wedding you should opt for the one that looks good on you and matches the style of your wedding dress. While an elegant retro gown looks great with a chignon and a vintage hair comb, a modern dress can be worn with relaxed Hollywood waves. 

Image by The Evoke Company

1. Classical Chignon – If you are wearing a vintage style wedding dress with a V-neckline, your hair will look best tied in a chignon. For an extra sophisticated look, make rich texture by curling your hair into loose waves and then sculpting it into a delicate chignon and decorate with a an elegant pearl and lace head piece. 

Image by The Evoke Company

2. Sixties Updo – Sixties style is a fabulous idea for weddings. Imagine yourself in a short A-line dress, false eyelashes, bold lipstick and a beehive or a huge bun! The 1960 look is very youthful and glamorous and it doesn’t require too much jewellery or other details. Your big bun will look fabulous with just a pair of small earrings and you don’t need any hair accessories. 

Image by Anna Blackman

3. Romantic Locks – For a fun and relaxed summer wedding you can simply use a curling iron to make nice, bouncy curls starting below your jaw line. This effortless style works best with very long hair and side swept bangs and is ideal for beach weddings and casual outdoor wedding receptions. 

Image by The Evoke Company

4. Asymmetric Style – To compliment a simple and yet elegant wedding dress, a plain bun at the back will to the trick. To add a creative twist to this simple hairdo leave a single lock on one side and pin a crystal studded hair comb on the other. 

Image by Demetrios

5. Hollywood Waves – Loose Hollywood waves look beautiful, effortless and sensual. They are ideal for the modern bride-to-be who prefers a more relaxed definition of glamour and who would rather wear a cool sexy dress than a classical wedding gown. Smokey eyes paired with a nude glossy lipstick will look great with this hairdo. 

Image by Pronovias

6. Glamorous Bun – To match a gorgeous princess-like wedding dress with a plunging neckline and delicate embellishments, a neat little bun decorated with a sparkly head piece is just ideal. You don’t need much else to look beautiful apart from pretty lipstick, good mascara and a nice blush.

Image by Pronovias

7. Sleek Hair – Retro inspired sleek hair pinned at the back is a chic hairdo that goes well with an elegant strapless dress with a full skirt and sophisticated embellishments. This retro hairstyle with a modern twist looks amazing with natural makeup look and discrete jewellery.
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