Friday, February 28, 2014

5 Red Carpet Inspired Looks For Your Wedding Day

The red carpet can be a great source of inspiration for brides-to-be, especially when it comes to hair and make-up. There were many exciting hair and make-up styles at this years Golden Globes, but with the Oscars coming up on March 2nd, there is plenty more yet to be seen.

One of the red carpet styles that can definitely be used as an inspiration for weddings is Amy Adams’s retro chic seen at the SAG Awards. The whole look was inspired by 1950-s Hollywood glamour with her orange-red lipstick, black eyeliner and white eye shadow. Her hair was side parted hair with locks pinned into a gorgeous faux bob. This is a timeless look perfect for all seasons, but it looks particularly suited for an autumn or winter wedding.


Taylor Swift’s 1950-s faux bob matched with bold red lips is yet another fantastic version of Hollywood glamour. We love Taylor’s sleek curls, the perfect look for a more elegant and formal wedding.


Cate Blanchett’s look at this years Golden Globes was very soft and romantic… ideal for a bride-to-be. Her make-up gave a very beautiful, natural, healthy look. She wore a more matte pink nude lipstick which looked gorgeous on her flawless white skin with just a hint of pinky-beige eye shadow finished with a touch of mascara. Her hair was parted on the side and pinned into a faux bob in Grace Kelly style. This is an ideal look for a spring time wedding matched with a romantic lace wedding dress similar to Cate’s stunning black Armani gown. 

If you prefer a more modern look, you will love Margot Robbie’s styling at the Golden Globes. She wore a nude lipstick, but matched it with a solid layer of beautiful bronzer for a healthy and radiant look. Her hair was simply parted on the side and gathered in a bun. This relaxed style is suitable for spring and summer weddings, and it will work perfectly with more embellished style wedding dresses. 

Smokey eyes and a low ponytail can also be an option for your wedding day look. We have seen Emma Roberts and Sandra Bullock rocking this trend on the red carpet, but it can easily be transformed into a bridal look with a more modern style wedding dress and of course some statement jewellery.

The Things You Need To Know To Plan The Perfect Reception

Planning a wedding reception is not an easy job. There are many things to be done… from choosing your venue to crating a seating plan and ordering a cake. If you want everything to be done perfectly, you should start with the preparations twelve months ahead. 

To make this job easier for you, we have made a list of the most important things you need to do…

1. Twelve months ahead: 
The first thing you should do it set the date and time of your wedding. Once you have done that, it is time to start searching for a reception venue. You can look through the current edition of The Bride’s Diary® and online at and make a list of potential venues. You should also request information packs to review with your groom-to-be. Make a list of all the features you would like in a reception venue and cross-check these requirements with your short-listed venues. Then you can start contacting your short-listed venues and arrange inspections. Don’t forget to take your Features List with you. Before making a final decision, compare quotes, inclusion and per-head costs. Choose your favourite venue and pay your deposit. Request an itemised invoice that confirms all the details and inclusions. Also make note of the amounts and due dates of any outstanding payments. Finally, organise the MC and speechmakers for your reception. 

2. Six months ahead: 
In the second phase of your wedding preparations you should start thinking about decorations. Firstly you need to choose a theme for your wedding and then you can start selecting the decorations and discuss floral requirements for the reception with your florist. In this phase you should also organise the music and entertainment and confirm the menu and beverages with your caterer/reception venue. Lastly, choose your cake-maker and book your cake. 

3. One month ahead: 
One month before the wedding you should have a preliminary guest list and plan the reception seating. You can then notify your caterer/reception venue and inform them on any special dietary requirements. Also select music/soundtrack with your musicians and entertainers. 

4. One week ahead: 
Confirm final guest numbers and dietary requirements with caterer/reception venue. Finalise reception seating plan. Confirm collection/delivery of your cake with cake maker. Organise a reception timetable and give to your MC.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Choosing Your Save-the-date Card

While wedding invitations are official and should be more formal, save-the-date cards can be a little more fun. The idea is to announce the date early and allow your guests to prepare for your wedding, but also to attract them, make them want to rearrange their travelling plans simply because they don’t want to miss your big day.

When it comes to save-the-date cards you can allow yourself to be extra creative. If you have time you can even make them yourself, but choosing them is equally fun because there are so many options out there.

Colourful cards are very fashionable this season so picking the one with a cheerful pattern in a nice vivid hue is an excellent option. Candy Colorful Save The Date Card from Weddingstar is a very our pick! It comes in a range of hip colours and you can personalise the look of your save-the-date card by choosing the design yourself.

The price includes an envelope and the card is made from high quality card stock with flat print digital technology. If you like this design you can also choose various stationery products and wedding accessories from the same line and make a consistent style. 

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Decorating with candlelight…

Nothing makes the atmosphere at weddings more romantic than the soft glow of candles. If you use scented ones, they can even add a nice fragrance to the room.
Tealights are inexpensive and an elegant way to add light to the reception venue. They are very easy to arrange and you don't even need to be an electrician to create the perfect lighting. The most important decision you need to make if you wish to use tea lights is what kind of holders to choose and how to arrange them.

Miniature glass tealight holders with wire hangers in soft pink, available from are just the perfect choice if you are looking for something simple and chic. They come in packages of 6 pieces and you can use them either with regular candles or Flameless battery operated tea lights. They can work well with virtually any theme you have chosen for your wedding. Since they are small and coated in soft pink, they can be mixed with practically any colour and decoration style. 

One of the ways to arrange candles is to place them at the centre of each table. You can group them together in various shapes or even tangle them into floral arrangements to make them look even more impressive. The most important thing is that you put just enough of them to make the atmosphere cozy and romantic. If you add too much light, the effect might be ruined, and if you don't have enough tea lights, they will not be able to create that desired result. The best tip is to try decorating one table and then move around to see how it looks from different angles. 

Another way to arrange candles at the wedding reception is to hang them. This is even more effective because light can be placed in such a way that it affects every corner of the venue. Miniature glass tea light holders with wire hangers are very convenient for this because they can easily be positioned anywhere. You can simply place them on hooks hanging from the ceiling, or even put them on tree branches if the wedding reception is outside. Candles are a great solution for outdoor venues because hanging tea lights looks even more romantic in the garden. 

Even if you are not planning a wedding, these ‘miniature glass tealight holders with wire hanger’ are a fantastic decoration for any special occasion like a birthday party or just a romantic dinner for two.

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