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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Small & Intimate Weddings

Intimate weddings can be very charming because you can choose a nice location, use your imagination to decorate the space and make gorgeous personalised guest favours. While big weddings don’t allow you to spend a lot of time with your guests individually, small ones are ideal for socialising. Organising a small reception is a great idea! Intimate weddings can be even more glamorous and decadent.

Limit Your Guest List
Making a guest list for small weddings can be a difficult task because you will have to significantly limit the number of people you invite. The first thing you need to do is figure out how small the event will be and how many guests you want to attend. You can then establish the criteria for choosing who to invite. Regardless of whether you decide to make a reception for 10, 20 or 50 people, the atmosphere will be much more relaxed and you will be able to enjoy your own party. 

Another way to limit the number of guests is to opt for a destination wedding. You can invite only your closest family and friends so that nobody will feel left out. You can also organise an elopement, in which case all you need to do it take a nice photo of yourselves and send it out to your friends and family. 

Choose a Nice Venue 
Finding a nice location is much easier if you are planning a small wedding. From an intimate dinner in a cosy restaurant to a romantic picnic in the countryside, you can choose virtually any place you like. You can even organise a decadent dinner party in the comfort of your own home or in a rented house. If you prefer an outdoor venue, you can pick a nice vineyard or have your ceremony on the beach. 

Whichever location you choose, it will be easier to arrange tables, chairs and decorations for a small number of people than for hundreds of guests. However, you need to take care of every detail because even the smallest mistake will get noticed. You will probably find it hard to do it all by yourself, so consider hiring someone to help you with the organisation. 

Go for a Unique Design 
Decorating a huge wedding venue is a daunting task while dealing with a small one can be a lot of fun. It is very easy to make it personal by creating your own flower arrangements, centrepieces and buntings. If you want to make it unique and memorable, find a way to make every single detail interesting. Invade the space with colours, create a romantic atmosphere with candles, use interesting sofas instead of chairs and make everything beautiful with gorgeous DIY décor. 

Delight Your Guests 
Since you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a huge wedding venue, tons of food and drinks and unique flora arrangements, you will be able to afford some luxury for your guests. It would be a nice gesture to arrange some sort of transport and take your guests to a really nice place. You can even book into a luxurious hotel or resort and treat them with an exciting weekend out of town where they can enjoy various activities such as golf and spa treatments. 

Treat your guests with a delicious five course meal and scrumptious desserts! If you can’t afford quantity, you can offer them quality. Think of an original menu with food made from fresh ingredients and a delicious wedding cake alternative instead of a plain fruitcake plastered with glamorous icing. 

It would be nice to make an effort and create personalised wedding favours for your guests. Pick a different present for each of them to show how much you appreciate their company. Alternatively, make fabulous goody bags stuffed with tasty edible favours or stylish stationery products and keepsakes.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Coloured Stone Guide

Rings by Tiffany & Co.

Coloured gem stones are a popular choice for engagement rings and they can be even more chic than clear sparkly diamonds. From Jacky Kennedy’s legendary engagement ring with gorgeous green emerald to Kate Middleton’s delightful ink blue sapphire encircled with diamonds that was originally chosen by Lady Diana for her engagement with Prince Charles, bright gems can definitely be a fashion statement, so pick your favourite colour and choose the right stone: 
Being the synonym for love, fidelity, friendship and loyalty, blue is very romantic and noble. About 50% of all people claim that it is their favourite colour as it is associated with blue skies and deep oceans. You can choose a blue diamond, sapphire, aquamarine or tourmaline and combine them with clear diamonds and platinum or white gold. (Ring above by Tiffany & Co.)

Since red is the colour of love and passion it is a fabulous choice for an engagement ring. Think bright red ruby like the one on Jessica Simpson’s ring. Rubies are very precious because of they are strong, vivid and very sparkly, but you can also pick rubellite, spinel, red diamonds or even bright red garnet which was worn as a talisman in ancient times. (Ring above by Fairfax & Roberts)
Green is the colour of life and in ancient Rome it was associated with Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Emerald is the most beautiful green stone you can find and Vedas believed that it has healing powers. You can also go for green tourmalines, sapphires, garnets and diamonds. (Ring above by EverettBrookes)

Purple & Pink 
Purple is the colour of spirituality and it is very elegant and stylish. Amethyst is a wonderful choice for your engagement ring if you love this colour, and if you prefer pink choose diamonds or morganites in blush or topaz in hot pink. (Ring above by Andrew Mazzone Design Jewellers)

Yellow & Orange 
Citrus shades are also popular with celebrities and we love yellow stones seen on Kelly Clarkson and Jenny McCarthy. Diamond and citrine is ideal if you prefer yellow, while topaz and tourmaline could be just right for you if you like bright orange. (Ring above by Showcase Jewellers)

Black diamond looks very stylish, especially if contrasted with clear diamonds and a platinum band. Even though they are not hugely popular for engagement rings, you can still consider them because they are much cheaper and look very elegant. (Ring above by Larsen Jewellery)

Fashionable Boutonnieres

Image by Fiona Thurlings

From lush flowers to quirky designs, boutonniere can be a fun addition to groom’s outfit. If you need some inspiration, have a look at our favourite trends: 

Choose a Single Flower 
If you are planning a traditional wedding, pick one flower from the bride’s bouquet for a boutonniere. It is simple but classy and it doesn’t require a lot of effort. From white roses and peonies to vibrant dahlias and freesias, anything will look great with a classic black tux. 

Be Inspired by Nature 
Nature inspired weddings are very trendy at the moment, so why not make a gorgeous green boutonniere! Use beautiful plants such as ferns, succulents, eucalyptus, oak leaves, acorns or hypericum berries. To make it even more beautiful, wrap the plant in a piece of burlap and tie with a string. 

Use Feathers 
Feathers are very fashionable and you can use them in many different ways. From multi-coloured arrangements to single pheasant feathers combined with leaves and branches, you can make a fabulous alternative to a floral boutonniere. This style goes particularly well for vintage themed weddings and you can also use details like lace, beads and rusty keys. 

Make it Quirky 
If you want something a little different, use a fun accessory instead of flowers. Anything from an old clock dial or a big red heart to a small plastic toy can be your boutonniere. Metal badges with quirky slogans are very hip at the moment, but you can also go DIY crazy and make a fabulous jewellery piece that can be a cool keepsake you won’t throw after the wedding day.

Wedding Rings are Forever

Rings by Larsen Jewellery

From simple and traditional design to contemporary and classic, you should choose wedding bands that you will love and want to wear forever. To ensure that they will stand the test of time, you should stick to some basic rules: 

Timeless Design 
You should opt for a ring that you will be happy to wear for the rest of your life, so it shouldn’t be either a trendy piece of jewellery which will look outdated in a few years or a plain, meaningless ring which you will want to get rid of. While plain designs are the most traditional and will never go out of fashion, they can easily become boring. This is why it is a good idea to make it a little interesting by adding details such as stones, texture or engraving. 

Durable Material 
If you want a ring that lasts forever, choose a strong and durable metal. Couples who prefer classical yellow gold should know that 24 k gold which is considered as purest is also prone to scratches, so it might be a better idea to go for 14 or 18 K instead. White gold is stronger and more durable than yellow gold, whereas silver has a lovely colour but tends to darken over time. Platinum is even harder than white gold and has a nice white hue, but titanium is the strongest you can find in nature and you can mix it with various metals to get different hues. 

The Right Size 
You should carefully measure your fingers to find a band that suits you, but also think about proportions and choose a ring that doesn’t look too big or too small on your hand. Also remember that you might lose or gain weight in the future so it is very practical to choose a ring that can be easily resizable. 

Think About Your Engagement Ring 
If you want to pair your wedding band with your engagement ring, you can either choose an identical design and buy a complimentary set, or find a close match. Despite the traditional rule to wear your wedding band on top of the engagements ring, you can also wear mismatched bands on different hands. 

Match His & Hers 
Matching his and hers wedding band is a romantic idea, but make sure that both of you like the design. The best way to do it is to buy two very similar rings: the first one can have sophisticated, ladylike design, while the other one can be more plain and masculine. It is also allowed to have mismatched bands. 

Personalise Them
Customising your wedding bands by engraving them is also a very romantic idea. With this kind of personalisation, these two rings will become a symbol and a lucky charm of your enduring love.

Your Photography Checklist

Image by

When you find your photographer it is a great idea to provide him with a list of all the important photos you would like to have in your wedding album. You don’t want to miss any significant moments, so it is best to make a detailed plan beforehand. 

The first set of photos is usually made while the bride is getting ready with her bridesmaids. It is a fantastic opportunity for the mini fashion shoot, but it is also important to have portraits of bride with her maid of honour, bridesmaids and flower girls, as well as her father who will escort her to the ceremony venue. Simultaneously, a second photographer can take photos of the groom and his attendants before the ceremony. 

You should also make the list of all the crucial moments at the ceremony including bride and father walking down the aisle, exchange of vows, ring ceremony, the kiss and the newlyweds leaving the church while guests are throwing confetti and flower petals on them. 

At the reception venue, your photographer should picture all the lovely decorations, wedding cake, buffet table and presents for guests, but also capture every emotional moment from giving toasts to bride and groom leaving the party in their wedding car. Your wedding photo album should also include all important portraits of bride and groom, and their family and friends. 

To ensure that you don’t omit any important picture, you can fill out our video and photography checklist. You can find it in the latest issue of The Bride’s Diary®.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bridesmaids’ Dresses in Navy Blue

Image from

Inspired by catwalk trends and Kate Middleton’s legendary engagement dress, we think that navy blue is a great colour for bridesmaid dresses. It is chic, royal and makes a white wedding gown truly stand out. 

Image from

Navy dresses are ideal for winter weddings especially in heavy fabrics such as plush and duchess satin, or if you accessorise it with a few bright details it can look lovely in the summer as well. Just imagine a bouquet or fresh white blooms against a deep blue backdrop! You can also style the dress with a pair of nude heels or even strappy flats for a more casual style wedding. 

Image from

Spring/summer 2014 ready-to-wear and couture shows are very inspirational for this trend. While Armani Prive spring range was completely soaked in deep blue, Elie Saab included several glamorous navy gowns with his colour palette varying from pure white to pitch black. Karl Lagerfeld showed us some ombre style dresses with geometric cuts in his collection for Fendi and Vera Wang delighted us with some fluttery, layered summer dresses in navy. 

Image by

Pair your navy gowns with smoky eyes and dark, glittery accessories to create an edgy look, brighten it up with some vivid details for a modern wedding or keep the styling simple and classic for a more traditional wedding.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Choosing Your Wedding Cake

Image by The Evoke Company 

According to tradition, choosing a wedding cake is the bride’s responsibility, but it is a nice idea to involve groom in the process of tasting. Even though according to tradition it should be a classical fruit cake, nowadays couples can pick any flavour they like. 

Choosing a cake-maker is a key decision, so we suggest that you select a number of candidates and arrange meetings with them. Make sure to see the photos of their work and taste some of the flavours, because you want your cake to look spectacular and taste delicious. 

Decision on how big the cake should be depends on the number of guests. A small three-tiered 22cm cake can feed up to 50 guests, a standard four-tiered 36cm cake will be enough for 150 people, and if you have between 200 and 300 guests you can go with 50cm cake made from six tiers. 

There are many different flavours available, and you can choose one of the most popular options such as mouth-watering chocolate mud which is great for winter weddings, carrot, banana, coffee and tiramisu are suitable for any season and orange and poppyseed which is a refreshing choice is perfect for summer weddings. 

You can also pick one of the delicious wedding cake alternatives such as crocquembouche cake or a cupcake tower which can look just as stunning as traditional cake.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Sareh Nouri’s Timeless Wedding Gowns

Sareh Nouri decided to start designing wedding gowns after making one for her own wedding. Now she has her very own line and her romantic and timeless style combines classical silhouettes with cutting-edge details. She uses only the finest fabrics such as French lace and Italian satin and creates the most luxurious handmade pieces in collaboration with the best dressmakers. 

We adore Sareh Nouri’s spring 2015 collection since it features some amazing figure-hugging lace dresses, as well as flamboyant ball gowns and each dress is incredibly elegant and sophisticated. One of our favourite gowns is her 'Etienne' trumpet slip dress is made from French alencon lace and 4-ply georgette and features lovely crystal straps. We also love the 'Magnolia' strapless gown made from alencon lace which comes with a big purple sash. 

The 'Asi' gown is a very glamorous ball gown which features a full skirt made from satin organza and tightly fitted bodice crafted from Sophie Hallette lace. 

The 'Sawyer' gown is another ball gown with huge skirt made from thousands of silk organza patches stitched together and a tight bodice made from Sophie Hallette lace. 

This collection also includes simple but stylish wedding dresses such as 'Annie', which is crafted from luxurious silk faille and has a white beaded sash and detailed buttons at the back.

Visit Sareh Nouri

5 Braided Hairdos You Can Wear on Your Wedding Day

Braids can look both glamorous and casual and there are many ways to wear them. From an effortless fishtail to pinned up braids, we have seen a lot of inspiring looks at red carpet events this season which you can match with your bridal outfit. 

Image from

Hayden Panettiere wore a crown of braids with red lipstick, false eyelashes and statement earrings and we think this look is perfect for a more formal evening wedding. 

Image from

Kate Bosworth’s immaculate double braided up-do was a great match for her ethereal make-up look with berry lips and rosy cheeks. 

Image from

We also loved Minka Kelly’s two braids pinned up at the back and accessorised with a gorgeous jewelled head piece. To finish off the look she used burgundy lipstick and dramatic lashes. 

Image from

However, if you prefer a more sexy hairdo that will look effortless but chic, be inspired by Kim Kardashian’s red carpet looks because she certainly knows how to make a fishtail braid extravagant. She wore it with a plunging blue gown and nude make-up vamped up with huge false lashes and shiny bronzer. 

Image from

Taylor Swift wore a classical crown style with her lovely bangs which looked very girly and innocent. She spiced up this boho look with soft lip and matched it with a white Grecian style dress.

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