Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Vera Wang's Sensational New Fall 2014 Collection Revealed

Vera Wang’s Fall 2014 Bridal Collection debuted last week and included 15 stunning gowns in varying shades of pink: rose, petal, coral and peony ... and we are love, love, loving these glorious colours!

In this stunning collection, white takes a back seat as Wang plays with pink in all its shades, combining blissfully pretty and masterfully draped layers with floral appliqués and delicate vermicelli beading. 

Silhouettes vary from fabulously form-fitting mermaids to generously voluminous ball gowns. Fabrics incude tulle, silk, organza and elegant Chantilly lace.

But Wang's main message is crystal clear: Pink is sensual, pink is seductive, pink is dreamy, pink is sophisticated, pink is strong, pink is cool. Think pink! 

View the collection in this stunning runway video

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rachel Gilbert's Synergy Resort 13 Collection

Rachel Gilbert's stunning Synergy Resort 13 collection explores the elements of fire and water, fusing them together to create a harmonious balance.

Drawing inspiration for colour and movement from the electric richness of fi­re and the serene calmness of water, Synergy showcases a romantic journey between the two elements: from vibrant campari reds to soft mist blues.

Featuring sophisticated hemlines and the sultry ­fitted silhouettes representative of Synergy’s celebration of the female form, many styles in this collection would make ideal and supremely elegant bridesmaids' gowns. 

True to the Rachel Gilbert trademark, Synergy displays opulent textures in both fabric and beading. Fine laces couple with delicate hand crafted embellishments to assist in narrating this classic story of the synergy of the elements. Synergy characterises the strength and confi­dence that is true to the Rachel Gilbert woman.

For more fabulous inspiration, visit Rachel Gilbert.
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