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Tips to choosing the right bridal veil for you!

Images by Evoke Images 
Thanks to EleGALA, we have everything you need to know about choosing a veil and putting the finishing touches on your wedding day ensemble.

Though steeped in tradition as it is, unless required by your religion, a veil is strictly optional. Today, wearing a veil is more of a style statement than a symbolic gesture. Thus, the ideal veil depends largely on the style of your wedding gown and the overall look you want to create.

Style tips
Consider Your Wedding Hair Style

To showcase your hairstyle, choose a veil that fastens underneath your hairstyle or one you’ll remove for the reception; otherwise, you can opt for a veil that you’ll wear throughout the event. In this case, your hair will simply support the veil.

Wedding Veil Function

How long you plan on wearing your veil can dictate how long it should be. Wearing it for the ceremony only? Go ahead and get one that rivals Princess Di’s. But if you want to wear your veil until the party’s over, you’ll need a more functional approach – either a shorter veil or a multi-layered one with a top layer that can be worn on it’s own during the reception. 

Wedding Photography Tip

If you plan to remove your veil immediately after the ceremony, keep in mind that it won’t appear in post-ceremony or first dance pictures. To ensure this classic accessory is adequately documented, many brides wait to remove the veil until after the first dance.

Choosing an Appropriate Veil

Your wedding veil should not compete with your dress, so if you’re donning an elaborately embellished gown, keep your veil clean and simple. Also, any ornamentation on your veil should start below where your dress embellishments end.


When it comes to color and embellishments, your wedding veil should complement your wedding dress – not mimic it. Don’t obsess about finding a perfect match.

Budget considerations

Just like anything else, veil prices vary. According to The Bridal Association of America, the average cost of a bride’s veil is $274. Here’s what you can get for your budget: 

For between $20 and $50, expect to buy a short, one-layer veil made from tulle or netting. For $150 to $250, you can buy a tulle length veil that includes some detailing, such as ribbon or lace trim. For $300 to $500 or more, you can get a long veil with several layers and ornate lace or beaded details, possibly in higher-quality silk tulle.

Here’s the lingo you’ll need to know to get started:

BlusherThe blusher is a short, single-layer veil worn over your face during the ceremony, then flipped back over the head or removed before “kiss the bride.” You can wear a blusher solo or with a longer veil.

The flyaway veil is multi-layered and barely brushes the shoulders. This veil is appropriate for more casual looks.

As the name implies, an elbow-length veil extends to your elbows, providing the grace of a veil without overpowering your dress. This style is very popular for more casual weddings.

Finger tip
The fingertip veil extends to your fingertips when your arms are hanging naturally. This popular veil length complements most wedding dresses, from sleek sheaths to elaborate ball gowns.

The chapel veil extends to the floor, falling 2.5 yards from your headpiece and flowing over your train. This veil complements the length of your train and is appropriate for more formal weddings and attire.

The cathedral veil – or royal veil – is the most formal. It extends 3.5 yards from your headpiece and is usually worn with a cathedral-length train.

Double tier
Like the name suggests, a double-tier veil consists of two layers (either two veils or a veil and a blusher) that extend to different lengths.

Waltz or ballet
This long veil falls between your knees and ankles – a good option if you prefer a long veil, but your dress does not have a train. (You won’t trip on it while dancing, hence the namesake.)

The fountain veil gathers at the crown of your head and cascades around the face to your shoulders or elbows.

This Spanish-inspired veil – often made of lace – drapes over the head to varying lengths. A headpiece isn’t necessary to keep it in place.

The pouf veil features gathered material added to the point where it connects to your headpiece, creating added volume. This style works with most veil lengths.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Destination Bride Gift Sets by MOR

We would like to introduce a new gifting concept to the MOR E-Boutique, Destination Bride – a new comprehensive bridal party gifting range.

MOR has long been a destination for wedding favours, and adding ambience to bridal functions, they have created a selection of gift sets specifically created for gifting Bridal parties.

Why not give the gift of MOR to your bridal party or guests, to show your appreciation for their love and support on your wedding day?

Also available are these Bridal Party gifting sets, all beautifully wrapped with love … 

Visit MOR

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Letter Bird Lane

Letter Bird Lane offers a large collection of delightful wedding invitations and all the pretty paper goods needed to create a stylish and distinctive wedding stationery suite.

Letter Bird Lane is a stationery design company based in Leura, an incredibly lovely little place with cherry blossom lined streets, in the Blue Mountains.

Established in 2009 by Eliza Silva, Letter Bird Lane specialises in wedding stationery and pretty paper goods for many special occasions that call for a celebration. 

From Save The Dates and Invitations to Place Cards, Programs and Menus – Letter Bird Lane has all your stationery needs covered when it comes to your special day!

Each personalised stationery product is carefully typeset and colours can be customised so that your wedding stationery can become unique as you two. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Engagement and Pre-Wedding Photography

From the moment you become engaged a wave of excitement begins to fill the air. You want to look back on your journey from engagement to marriage with fond memories. 
Engagement photo sessions are a fantastic way to get some great photos of you and your partner in a relaxed, fun environment of your choice. 

It is also a great opportunity to get to know your photographer (and for photographers to get to know their clients) and become accustomed to their style of photography to allow for natural and candid images on your wedding day that you'll love and cherish forever.

Many photographers are now offering an engagement photo shoot as a package included in the overall price of the wedding photography (and sometimes even for free!)

This engagement shoot by Miss Amy Elizabeth for BLU Wedding Boutique is absolutely stunning. It truly captures the love and emotions felt by the couple. 

A great idea, as seen in this engagement shoot, is to incorporate items of significance into the photo shoot to make the photos even more personalised and a true reflection of your personalities, hobbies and interests. 

Here the couple have chosen to show their love of travel and have also included their beloved dog into some of the shots!

Have your photos taken in a place of interest that is meaningful to you as a couple. Perhaps the park where you shared your first kiss, the beach that you took trips to on summer holidays or even the special place where he popped the question!

We LOVE the gown by BLU Wedding Boutique featured in the shoot.

To find out more visit BLU Wedding Boutique.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Argyle Images

Based in Rutherglen, Victoria, Argyle Images is owned and operated by AIPP Accredited photographer Naomi Beattie.

As a small boutique studio which accepts only a limited number of commissions per season, you can be assured of a highly dedicated and personal service. You can rely on Naomi’s undivided and personal attention to detail, from the first consultation, to delivery of your beautiful custom crafted album.

With an easy going and down-to-earth nature, Naomi’s aim is to capture the story of your wedding day in a fun, relaxed and unobtrusive manner, delivering a mix of candid moments of love and laughter with beautifully custom crafted images. You can be assured of stunning images which reflect who you are, not just what you look like.

“Priding ourselves on our personal approach, we like to get to know every bride and groom. Getting to know their expectations and reservations enables us to help couples feel at ease in front of the camera. We aim to do everything possible to help you relax and allow you to truly enjoy your wedding day. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy our company as well.”

“Every couple is unique, every wedding is different. We are willing to work with you to transform your vision into beautiful images which will be treasured for generations. I like to think my images are fun and real. I strive to capture that something which makes all of us unique. That “something” which is way too hard to put into words.” 

- Naomi Beattie of Argyle Images.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mia Smith of BLU Wedding Boutique

Mia Smith is the designer of a unique and affordable bridal collection recently released in Australia called BLU Wedding Boutique. She is based in Queensland, and has a couple of Melbourne stockists, as well as one in Auckland.

Mia aims to keep the brand boutique, and have only a couple more stockists across Australia and New Zealand.

Above are a selection of images from her latest shoot. Townsville photographer, Miss Amy Elizabeth was the photographer on the shoot. Mia was blown away with the artistic flair she has produced for her designer bridal gowns.

The shoot is of Mia Smith herself, and her fiancé, Eben Rainey. The shoot encapsulates their adventures of travel including her brown boots which she trekked around the world in for 18 months. Eben proposed during this time in the mountains in China. Their little dog 'Toto' is a 5 year old Brussels Griffon, who they missed dearly whilst we were gone. 

Mia designed the gorgeous gown she is wearing, and styled the shoot to create a whimsical feel of love and happiness.

Visit BLU Wedding Boutiques (shoot features the 'Chloe' gown)
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