Thursday, June 30, 2011

Accessories by PeepToe

Finding the perfect wedding accessories can be a tricky task, you need the right style and colour to suit your amazing gown. PeepToe offer some beautiful pieces that you can buy online and at a great price. Here are our favourites…

Broken Mirror Necklace $159.00

Crystal Snow Flake Studs $59.00

Crystal Patterned Bangle $139.00


Crystal Spheres Necklace $149.00

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Samara Dress by Rachel Gilbert


Rachel Gilbert's Samara Dress is now on SALE! It is the perfect dress for your bridesmaids. This statement embellishment and stunning silk dress is available in three colours; nude, apricot and black.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bridal Accessories From Weddingstar

From veils and tiaras, to bridal hair accessories and jewellery, Weddingstar’s bridal accessories include everything that a potential bride will want. With no detail spared in the process, wedding bridal accessories easily enhance the entire wedding experience with added elegance and glamour. As your special day approaches, use Weddingstar’s wedding bridal accessories to give yourself the attention you deserve.

This elegant single flower makes a chic hair accessory that will blend perfectly with almost any dress design. Can be worn alone or along side a fashionable headband or the currently popular bird cage veil.
The vintage Bird Cage Veil is once again at the forefront of wedding fashion and blends well with modern or traditional dress styles. The distinctive French Netting can be sculpted and worn in a variety of positions to achieve just the right look. Whether worn alone or along side hair jewellery or flowers, the effect will be very unique. Available in white and ivory as well as plain or with crystals added.
Intricately detailed, this White Pearl & Crystal Flowers in Silver Hair Comb is perfect for a slightly exotic look. 
The 2-Tier Soft Tulle with Double Border of Satin Ribbon and Pearls Veil will add that little
extra to your wedding outfit. This veil has a bold ribbon border studded with pearls.
These striking chandelier earrings are guaranteed to add pizzazz to any ensemble.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Tiered Tulip Gown from BHLDN

We just adore this stunning wedding gown from BHLDN. With its five floaty layers of organza playfully opening at the hem to reveal a tulle flounce. Each tier is trimmed in black pearl-edge stitches for a bit of contrast, while a silk sash lends soft volume to the front or back waist. Fluttering ruffles at the sweetheart neckline accentuate the bust, and an interior corset and bra cups provide extra support. Falls to the floor, with just enough space for your shoes to peek out.


Friday, June 24, 2011

Candace Ring by Gemvara

We are in love with the Candace Ring from Gemvara, with it's timeless, elegance and classic simplicity. This ring has a dramatic gem perfectly complemented by a delicate and feminine band with gems half-way around the finger. All you'll see is dazzling brilliance! With so many colours to choose from you will definitely find something to suit your style.

Candace Ring Round Black Diamond Platinum Ring with Diamond

Candace Ring Round Diamond 14K White Gold Ring

Candace Ring Round Black Diamond 14K Rose Gold Ring with Diamond
Candace Ring Round Ruby Platinum Ring with Diamond
Candace Ring Round Citrine 14K Rose Gold Ring with White Sapphire
Candace Ring Round Peridot 14K Yellow Gold Ring with Diamond
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Elegant Heels

Elegant Heels is one of Australia's unique online boutiques, specialising in a variety of designers heels. Perfect for your wedding shoes or even your bridesmaids' shoes. Elegant heels stock the latest shoe trends from around the world! Your will be sure to find a style to suit all tastes, and any budget and free delivery is offered to every customer any where in Australia!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wedding Food Faux Pas

With so many decisions to be made regarding their special day, couples often put their wedding food focus on the back-burner making way for smaller details that don’t make nearly as much impact! Food can make such a huge impression at any event so Anthony Sullivan (Executive Chef at award winning Sydney catering company, Forte Catering & Events) shares the top wedding food faux pas and how to avoid them.

1. Splurging in all the wrong places
People always remember the food at a wedding, especially if there is a lack of it! Hungry guests at a wedding is a big no-no and making ruthless cuts when it comes to the food is something that must be avoided at all costs, according to Anthony. “While feasting on oysters, prawns and other delicacies is certainly tempting, it can be a little extravagant for those watching the bank balance. Your guests will be far more appreciative of a generous selection of less extravagant items than they would a handful of expensive morsels.” Instead of reducing the size of meals, be wise with your selections and opt for main dishes such as salmon and chicken and steer clear of the more expensive options such as lamb or kingfish.

2. Not sticking to the seasons
There is nothing worse than sitting down to a hot and heavy meal on a sweltering summer’s day or nibbling on a cold summer salad in the middle of winter. “It’s so important to keep the time of year in mind when selecting your dishes and it’s no surprise that food tastes best when it’s in season. It’s also less expensive than sourcing ingredients out of season,” says Anthony.

3. The unqualified sommelier
Just because you like a glass of red at the end of the work week, doesn’t make you a wine
expert. Don’t be left flailing in front of the wine list picking wines based on their fancy names.
“Speak to your caterer and ask them to provide some wine pairings for you at different price
points,” says Anthony. 

4. Having wedding cake as dessert
There’s really no need to have a dessert and wedding cake, according to Anthony. “By the time dessert comes around guests are usually pretty jolly and are keener to hit the dance floor than a chocolate fondant. Serving a delicious wedding cake accompanied by some fresh cream and berries is a great way to keep costs down and guests happy,” he says.

5. Forgetting who will be eating the food
Anthony advises couples to steer clear of making the menu too repetitious or too adventurous. Exotic menus can provide an interesting twist for thrill seeking foodies but chances are, those with a simpler palate will become intimidated with what’s in front of them. When selecting the food that will be served on the day, the key is to consider who will actually be eating it. “Guests will get bored if they have to sample seven different canapés containing the same ingredient, while the less adventurous guests may even opt to go hungry if the dishes are too exotic. A variety of simple, fresh, clean flavours that are plated and presented well will ensure you have your bases covered,” says Anthony.

6. Ditching the dietary requirements
The words gluten free, vegan and kosher may mean nothing to you, but they certainly do to
those who battle with food intolerances or have special religious needs when it comes to their
food. “Ensure that you are aware of the special dietary requirements of your guests long before the reception and advise your caterer prior to the day so that all guests receive a suitable meal,” says Anthony.

7. Lack of staff
Most people overlook the guest to waiter ratio when booking the catering for an event and there is nothing worse than trying to locate a waiter in a sea of guests when on the hunt for food or drink. “To avoid staff shortages on the night, find out early how many staff members will be supplied and make sure you raise this question with your coordinator to ensure you have enough staff to service your style of reception,” recommends Anthony. 

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


How about a tangy lemon delicious cake oozing with lemon curd, or a chewy Spanish blended dark chocolate macaron with a honey spiked ganache? Babycakes have a range of forever favourites, from the garden and signature cakes available all year round and a seasonal selection which is available during certain months of the year. Look at some of their cakes… There is sure to be something that will tempt your taste buds! 

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Notte by Marchesa

With an on-trend cobalt hue and an exquisite draped silhouette, Notte by Marchesa's silk-chiffon strapless gown is a stunning choice for your bridesmaids. Contrast the vibrant color with a silvers and chandelier earrings. 

Notte by Marchesa Silk-chiffon strapless gown
Jimmy Choo Viola crystal-embellished leather and mesh sandals

 Dannijo Jelani silver-plated Swarovski crystal drop earrings

Friday, June 17, 2011

Kristi Bonnici Bridal Accessories

Sydney based fashion designer and milliner Kristi Bonnici, has launched two new collections of bridal headpieces and veils. The bridal collection, entitled Moments of Trespass, was inspired by thoughts of love both good and bad and depicts the endless recollecting for the lucky and the eternal lamenting of the broken hearted.

The collection features a variety of pieces for many different types of brides such as combs, garlands, leather flowers, headbands, birdcage veils, veils and mantilla veils. Each piece is made here in the Sydney studio, by hand with much love and consideration. 

After many requests from her last season, the collection features pieces in other colours for bridesmaids and mothers of the bride. This collection is entitled Sugar and Spice and pieces are available in blush and black.

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