Friday, October 29, 2010

A Seaside Wedding...

As the summer months draw closer our thoughts turn to the seaside... and of course Seaside weddings! Here are just a few of our favourite seaside themed wedding accessories, favours and decorations...

This collection charmingly depicts two fish perfectly paired up among the multitudes. The phrase “Of all the fish in the sea - to think I found the one for me” Is perfectly represented within this collection. Pair with the Double Fish Wedding Place Card Holders. This hard working pair of fish will swim perfectly throughout your beach theme decor. Use to display guest's place cards or combine two holder to support menu cards or small table signs. 

Star Urchin place card holders are a wonderful decoration for the modern tablescape - for bridal showers, weddings, dinner parties, and more. And they serve a dual purpose: as interesting take-home favors that your guests will cherish for years to come - if you can part with them.

This stunning Turquoise and Antique Brass long necklace is the perfect accessory for brides or bridesmaids to enhance a seaside wedding theme...

Sparkle and shine! The rhinestones on these favor tins will definitely make them stand out at your special event. 

Delicate spirals in shades of blue and green convey the feeling of a gentle sea breeze. This relaxing collection is the perfect blend of simplicity and unique design. Add personalised flair to your champagne or wine bottles with the Wine Label Sticker. Mix and match with other components in the collection for a cohesive look.

This adjustable necklace with freshwater pearls is simply stunning - a gorgeous statement piece of jewellery for brides or bridesmaids!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Bride's Diary - Illawarra & Southern Highlands 2011 Edition Out Now!

We are delighted to announce the launch of the fabulous new 2011 Illawarra & Southern Highlands edition of The Bride’s Diary. With over 400 pages of great wedding ideas, it's our biggest edition ever!

As the Illawarra and Southern Highland's leading bridal publication, we just love to bring you the region's best wedding service providers, including photography, bridal fashion and accessories, reception venues, transport, and more.

In this edition you will find the opportunity to win a fabulous honeymoon to Sanctuary Rarotonga & Aitutaki Lagoon Resort & Spa, Cook Islands, valued at $7220.00! You simply must enter!

Other features include:
• What’s New – the latest fab products
• 6 stunning Real Life Wedding profiles sure to inspire
• Jewels of the Aisle – our superb jewellery feature
• Colour Your Wedding feature, including 4 divine colour themes
• Stunning reception venues
• Photographer’s favourite wedding image for 2011
• Australia’s most comprehensive wedding planner
• Calendars, notes, checklists
• and so much more…

With over 400 inspirational pages, The Bride’s Diary is a ‘must-have’ publication for anyone planning a wedding in the Illawarra or Southern Highlands of New South Wales, so be sure to drop in to your local newsagent or visit our online store to order your copy today.

Also, all wedding services represented in the 2011 edition of The Bride’s Diary can be accessed by visiting The Bride's Diary Wedding Services

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ole Lynggaard Sweet Drops and Sweet Spots collections

The Sweet Spots and Sweet Drops personalised jewellery collections by Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen are a wonderful way to add a splash of colour and bling to your bridesmaids outfits or even to your bridal ensemble and provides a great memento of your special day! Personalised jewellery has paved the way for brides to create truly unique pieces for themselves.

Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen has sparked the personalised  phenomenon within the fine jewellery sector with the Sweet Drops concept. With the luxurious Sweet Drops, launched at Basel World last year, you can create your own unique expression – constantly giving fresh ways for the wearer to tell their own
personal story with jewellery.

In 2010 a new generation of changeable charms has been designed to offer Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen fans another way to personalise their existing handmade leather bracelet.

The new Sweet Spots in heart or round shapes enable the wearer to find new ways to personalise the Sweet Drops™ leather bracelets. The new Sweet Spots are, like the drops, unique in the design and craftsmanship, but simple and calm in the form - a great complement to the existing sweet dangly drops. Jewellery designer Charlotte Lynggaard created Sweet Drops™, a luxurious bracelet, handmade in Denmark in exclusive calf skin, with beautifully crafted, changeable Sweet Drops™.

Sweet Drops™ with their many shapes and colours provide great versatility, with a wide range of complimentary and individual combinations of the bracelet. This supports Ole Lynggaard´s original idea to design personalised and flexible jewellery, the concept of the company for almost half a century. 

With the many variations you can create your own personalised look, - be it feminine, extravagant or contemporary. The possibilities are endless!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Profile: Julie Sweet from Certificates Online

As part of a new feature on The Bride's Diary Blog, we will be introducing you to individuals who work in the wedding industry... giving you an insight into who they are and why they love weddings!

This week we have been talking with Julie Sweet, owner and manager of Certificates Online
a convenient service that organises official birth, death, marriage and change of name certificates for Australians. Julie talks to us about her passion for her business, how she recognised the need for such a service and how she spends her fleeting spare time...

• Tell us a little about your business…

Basically Certificates Online is a service for the time poor. From Brides, to new parents, corporates, stay at home parents, people travelling overseas, applying for their First Home Owners Grant, to the elderly or the youth - we save people time and money when they require their full original birth, marriage, family death certificates and legal changes of name - Australia wide. Our aim is to be the first name that comes to people's minds when there is a change in their getting married or having a baby and so much more - thinking to themselves "I need to call 1300 CHANGE".
• What is your role in the business and why are you passionate about it? 

I am the owner and business Manager and I guess because it's my baby, that brings about my passion for the business. I ensure everything runs smoothly and that clients are satisfied. Besides that, I truly love what I do and to exceed people exceptions always makes me extremely happy. Another reason that I am so enthusiast about the business, is that it's a unique service we provide, which really fulfils a niche in the market place for people who are unable to waste their valuable time waiting in queues or dealing with red tape. We instead, take this hassle away from the customer and provide them with a premium 24 hour service when they are in need of their original certificates. Besides who wants to do something so frustrating like filling in forms, catching public transport, paying for parking or going through all their endless paperwork, when they can flick it to someone else - like us?!
• How long have you been working in the industry? 

9 years now.
• What are some of your past business experiences? 

I have only ever worked in the corporate industry before embarking upon this journey, so that was a great opportunity and a very good introduction to customer service, along with so much more. The corporations I have worked for have ranged from Legal, to Insurance, to Advertising and then to where I find myself today.
• What is one of your favourite recollections from your business? 

I think that would have to be when couples come to us, before they are about to marry, often with so many things to get done before the big day and sometimes weighed down and under pressure, time wise - then to see them through the process of obtaining their original certificates, so quickly and how they end up using our service, leaving as different people is a pleasing aspect of the what we do. To make a difference to people's stress and on occasions, chaotic lives, is a really rewarding line of our work. What is even more exciting is when these couples return to us years later, when they have babies, wanting again to have the same service replicated for their when they have children, the follow on within families is a very nice experience to be a part of, knowing people are happy with our service and that we are able to assist them in their milestones throughout their lives is a fabulous thing.
• Tell us a bit about your family and home life… 

I am 35 and only a year ago began studying (Bachelor of Counselling and Human Change) which unexpectedly complements this business perfectly. It is often challenging to run a business and study, yet the sacrifices are well worth the current increasing work load and besides, it keeps me on my toes, which is something I relish. I honestly would not want to be doing anything else at this point in my life and I take great pride in what it is I do, on both levels.
• How do you enjoy spending your spare time? 

Any spare time I have, I spend it with my family and friends, going out and also walking along the coast (one of my favourite things to do early in the morning before the day begins), whilst also going to the gym, when I can. I find the down time I do have is often spent with people who are very close to me and who I am connected with, that bring richness to my life. In saying that there is nothing I relish more than relaxing, having time alone to take in the beauty that surrounds me, which I find by being near the ocean.
• What is your most memorable life experience? 

Oh that is a hard one - I would have to say that would come about from the little bit of travel I have experienced, whether it was America or Europe, those trips remain very close to my heart and are irreplaceable memories.
• What are your plans for the future?  

Business wise, it is to expand and grow the business. We have taken it off shore - Worldwide and now provide people who live overseas (yet who were born or married here) with the same service we do for Australian residents, which has been so well received, so that has just been wonderful. Personally, I want to finish my degree and continue running the business, also becoming a qualified Counsellor - two paths that I feel privileged to have encountered and blessed to have been involved in.

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Finishing Touches: Finding the Perfect Veil

Wedding bridal accessories easily enhance your bridal look, adding instant elegance and glamour - as well as that very special 'bride' look! The Bride's Diary team is a big fan of all varieties of veil, from traditional floor length veils to cropped veils, as well as modern alternatives, such as  bird cage veils, fascinators, and even hair accessories. The veils and accessories shown here offer a taste of the range of options available...

Tulle Two Tier Floor Length White Wedding Veil (shown above)

Delicate tulle cascades all the way to floor creating a romantic look that will complement almost any dress design. Embellished with a delicate beaded scatter and edging consisting of luminous seed beads and sequins, this veil will make you look and feel amazing.

Feather and Chiffon Floral Wedding Hair Accessory

This distinctive hair accessory takes traditional wedding trims and gives them a modern twist. It can be worn alone or along side the popular Bird Cage Veil (as shown above) or headband. Complements a wide range of hair and dress styles.

The vintage Bird Cage Veil is once again at the forefront of wedding fashion and blends well with modern or traditional dress styles. The distinctive French Netting can be sculpted and worn in a variety of positions to achieve just the right look. Whether worn alone or along side hair jewellery or flowers, the effect will be very unique. Available in white and ivory as well as plain or with crystals added.

Intricately detailed, this White Pearl & Crystal Flowers in Silver Hair Comb is perfect for a slightly exotic look.

The 2-Tier White Standard Tulle with Continuous Pearl Edge Veil is a nice twist on a simple design. This standard white veil has a simple row of beads along the bottom of the veil, which adds just the perfect touch to a timeless classic.

The 2-Tier White Standard Tulle Veil with Floral Embroidered Border and Cut Edge Veil is a subtle way to incorporate a floral theme into your wedding outfit. This veil features a vine with flowers running throughout the body, giving a light and flowing feel.

The 2-Tier Soft Tulle with Scattered Pearl Border and Cut Edge Veil is the perfect way to add the finishing touch to your wedding outfit. This design features scattered pearls throughout the veil with a cut edge.

For more beautiful wedding accessories visit Weddingstar

Friday, October 22, 2010

Introducing Marquise by Paspaley

This year, Paspaley celebrates 75 years in the South Sea pearling industry with the arrival of an elegant new jewellery collection, Marquise by Paspaley. Taking inspiration from the era in which the Paspaley story began, Marquise pays homage to the spectacular vintage jewellery of the 1930s, reinventing old world glamour with a sophisticated, modern edge.

At the heart of the collection, a bespoke marquise-shaped tanzanite has been refined to Paspaley's exacting standards, transforming the classic marquise shape into a sleek modern form. The combination of the rare blue-hued tanzanite, encased in pavè set diamonds, with the sensual beauty of South Sea Pearls imbues the collection with an alluring and romantic colour palette.

Visit Paspaley

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Picture Perfect with Weddingstar

Photographs are precious memories preserved for the world to see. Each one captures a moment that can never be relived. If you are looking for a way to make your wedding more personal there are few things that can achieve it better than the incorporation of photographs.

Multi Photo Frame

There are an infinite number of ways to include these precious memories in your big day.
Many couples choose to create displays that feature them in various buckes of their relationship – treating the guests to a bit of their history. However should you choose to incorporate something like a multiple photo frame into your centre-pieces you could also include pictures of the guests seated at that table. Pictures of you and your guests will remind them of the good times you had together. Alternatively, if you are going for an intimate wedding, you could take a more romantic route and create photo stories of the couples in your life that represent the kind of relationship you would like to have. It's a great way to involve your guests in the wedding, and honour those who have set an example you would like to follow. It is also guaranteed to get your guests talking which is exactly the kind of atmosphere that is ideal for a wedding.

Fish Centerpiece

If you're looking for a favour that will bring your guests fond memories every time they see it, how about a miniature photo frame with a sweet picture of the happy couple in it? It is easy to find frames in a variety of styles and colours so you don't need to worry about them matching your decor.
Another option would be to instead include a photo of the guest and use the frame as both a unique place card and a favour.
If you don't like the idea of having guests photographs included in the decor you can still use them to create a personal memento. If you compile photographs of all your guests into a book, you can display it as a guest book. Include a sign that directs guests to sign their own photo and include a message. As long as the book can be signed at any point during the reception there will be lots of time for guests to flip through it and the result will be a great deal more personal than just a signature on a list.
Would you consider incorporating photographs into your wedding?

Keepsake Display Stand

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Aqua Dining and Ripples Cafe

Aqua Dining and Ripples Cafe have four picture perfect locations on Sydney Harbour to make your day extra special. All our venues are accessible by boat and boast spectacular views, offering you the perfect backdrop to your special day.

Aqua Dining and Ripples Cafe accommodate private wedding receptions for anywhere between 8 and 170 guests. Catering for anything from an intimate sit-down dining experience to elegant cocktail parties, the venues encapsulate the essence of refined, relaxed Sydney dining.

The talented kitchen team, led by executive chef Jeff Turnbull, offer a comprehensive canapé and sit-down menu for guests to choose from, heralding full flavoured food that is also beautiful on the plate. Aqua Dining and Ripples Cafe's sommelier assists in choosing wines to suit the menu.

The team is happy to please when it comes to creating a special menu. Visit the web site for more details. Aqua Dining and Ripples Cafe will make your big day extra special.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Songbird by Clarissa Grace

'Songbird' by Clarissa Grace is a dreamy collection of bridal gowns celebrating true romance and eternal love.

Inspired by the whimsy of love songs and the romance of a serenade, 'Songbird' is ethereal, enchanting and eclectic. Staying true to the heritage of the Clarissa Grace label, the 'Songbird' collection features heavenly fabrics - pure silks, the finest French laces and tulles in the softest palette of rose pinks, rich creams and the freshest of ivories - all lovingly woven together and meticulously hand finished to create a collection of bridal gowns saturated in femininity and timeless in style.

To view the entire collection visit

Monday, October 18, 2010

Stellina Cute Couture For Children Launches New Online Boutique

The stylish online boutique,, is set to elevate children’s special occasion wear shopping to a new level with a unique and extensive collection of fine labels for girls and boys 0-14 years. The site specialises in flower girl dresses, boys’ suits, communion dresses, christening wear, party wear and complementing shoes and accessories. Price points for most garments range from $90-$250. In addition to the ready to wear range, a made to measure service is also offered for those with specific designs in mind.

The online store focuses on creating a truly enjoyable shopping experience. Careful attention to detail is given to each piece featured on the site with a strong accent on service via personal consultations offered by phone and e-mail to assist with any individual requirements. As an added advantage, we welcome personal appointments at our boutique showroom here in North Balgowlah, about 20 minutes drive from Sydney CBD, where every item on the website is on display to view and try for size. Stellina Cute Couture commenced trading at this showroom almost eight months ago which has already provided valuable insight regarding the range and price points to offer for the online store. 

Friday, October 15, 2010

Save Time with Certificates Online

Certificates Online is the easy way to obtain a full official certified copy of a Birth, Marriage, Family Death Certificate or Change of Name Australia wide.

Certificates Online offers a convenient service for time-poor Australians - why spend time queuing up in endless lines when you can organise copies of your certificates safely and securely online! Certificates Online has a guaranteed service which delivers your certificate to your door without you having to leave your work or home!

Certificates Online is a private organisation run by Julie Sweet, who recognised the need for such a service for Australians.  As well as helping out time-poor individuals, the service is great for those who would rather not deal with the red tape, paperwork, forms and queues. Certificates Online organises all your paperwork for you, as well as submitting the neccessary documents to the appropriate governments departments.

Certificates Online operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week, weekends and all public holidays for your convenience.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fiorenza Celebrates Two Decades with Award Winning Collection

Pina Fiorenza celebrated 20 years of bridal design at the Queensland Bride Awards on Friday night, with her Fiorenza 2011 collection taking out three awards.

Pina has dressed thousands of brides across Australia over the past two decades, with her latest offering featuring a delicate combination of silks, lace, organza tulle and beads.

Calling upon inspiration from the 1920’s and 1950’s, Pina said the 22-piece collection pays tribute to the “icons of the silver screen”.

“I was inspired by that old-fashioned simplicity, luxury and femininity synonymous with the likes of Grace Kelly and Ava Gardner,” she said.

Embellishments gather to form subtle focal points, with vintage belts, soft texture and trimmings giving luxurious treatment to each garment. The colour palette is predominantly ivory, with muted tones of grey and mint.

The Fiorenza 2011 collection will be stocked in 35 boutiques across Australia from late November 2010.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Spring Cherry Blossom Single Use Camera

Capture the special moments that are often missed by having these cameras on hand at your festivities. The popular Cherry Blossom packaging will be a lovely addition to the decorating and the camera will serve an important function. Your guests should be invited to snap photos throughout the celebration. Group multiple cameras on a table that is easy to access or set a single camera on each table alongside the centre-piece. 

Each camera includes 400 ASA film and a flash that will allow picture taking indoor or outdoors on cloudy days or after dark (24 exposures).

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Bride's Diary Sydney 2011 is Available Now!!!

We are delighted to bring you the stunning 2011 edition of The Bride's Diary Sydney, and with over 520 pages, it is our most glamorous edition ever! 

You will love browsing through our six Real Life Wedding profiles, and seeing how brides just like yourself created their own magical wedding days. With useful advice and stunning images from their special days, our Real Life brides tell you their stories, including their engagement, choosing their gown and planning their reception - you are sure to be inspired by their wonderful tales.

Jewels of the Aisle, our extra special jewellery shoot, brings you a myriad of engagement and wedding rings to help you find the perfect style for you. There are even rings for the gents, so if you haven't already purchased his ring, make sure you show our stunning jewellery pages to your hubby-to-be!

We are also very excited to bring you our stunning couture shoot, A Moment in Time. Featuring a range of beautiful gowns from Sydney's leading bridal designers, a fabulous location, and countless hours of hard work with a great team, the results speak for themselves! A Moment in Time captures the true beauty of a bride on her special day, taking a moment to reflect upon, and anticipate, the wonderful things that await her after her wedding. A moment in time that is yours to take, yours to live, yours to enjoy…

And, as always, we are delighted to bring your our annual decorating shoot, featuring four stunning colour themes that will help you plan the perfect wedding, no matter what season your special day will be held in. Planning a spring wedding? You are sure to be enchanted by the pretty pinks, pale blues, and old-world tea party charm of our Whimsical Spring theme. Perhaps summer is the season for you? Our Summer of Love theme will inspire the contemporary bride with fresh and modern styling in hues of black, white and splashes of green. Autumn is a fabulous season for a rich and striking palette, and our Autumn at Home theme brings you warm, inviting colours, and a modern take on a traditional, rustic feel. If your wedding is to be held in winter, our Winter Opulence theme combines lavish styling with extravagant details fit for royalty, bringing you the ultimate in luxury.

The 2011 edition of The Bride's Diary Sydney is a must-have publication for anyone planning a Sydney wedding, so be sure to drop in to your local newsagent or visit our online store to order your copy today. 
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